MJL Remodling

MJL Remodeling is owned by Kristyn and Mark Lester. The couple married and moved to Amarillo in 2004. MJL started as a nameless company in 2006. What began as a business flipping houses grew to include remodeling services, historic restorations, commercial and construction services.

At MJL Remodeling, we pride ourselves on our honesty and dependability. As experienced home flippers, we’ve learned what solutions work, and which solutions and practices to avoid. We share this advice, based on over 15 years experience in remodeling and construction, with all of our clients.

The Team

Kristyn Lester

Kristyn graduated from Oral Roberts University with a degree in business administration. She grew up on a dairy farm in Indiana, but now calls Amarillo home. Kristyn and her husband Mark have three kids: Dash, Dutch, and Charlie. Her love for historic restorations has found a place in an area rich in historic significance. Kristyn helps with design and business administration at MJL Remodeling.

Mark Lester

Mark graduated from Oral Roberts University, where he met wife Kristyn, with a degree in business management. Originally from Miramichi, New Brunswick CA, Mark moved to the U.S. to attend school in the early 2000s. He enjoys helping clients come up with new and exciting ways to use their space.

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